Best Free Image Compressor

Free Image Compressor
Free Image Compressor

Today I am going to tell you the best free image compressor tools services, Everyone almost those who are blogger or web developer looking for free image compressor, there are tons of resources for the best free image compression

There are different plugins for WordPress, different companies offer image compressions for the websites with CDN, they are almost premium plugins and services.

Here is the list of the websites and software which provide image compression service for free

Free Image Compressors List

RIOT: Radical Image Optimization Tool


RIOT is the best way to compress images while being offline, just download the software and start compressing images the way you want it is just a fantastic and easy to use the tool, the only thing is that it is just for Windows users not for Linux or Mac users

It is really simple and lets you compress the way you want, If you have a high-resolution image you can just resize it’s resolution and set the percentage of compression like the one I did here

RIOT Compressed image
RIOT Compressed image

Before compression it’s initialed size was 3.16 MB which is on the left, on the right-hand side is Optimized image with a size of 28.24Kib, there is hardly any difference in these two pictures. This is one of my favorite tools for image compression.

Caesium Image Compressor


Caesium is another best tool for image compression unlike RIOT it is just not only for Windows users it is also for Mac users, but you can also download its a mobile app, Ceasium also offers an online service to compress images.

CaesiumCLT  is a command tool for advance users, It also offers its mobile app for those who only love to work on mobile devices

Caeisum Mobile App
Caeisum Mobile App

If you don’t want to use these softwaers installed either on your Mac, PC, Linux or your mobile device you can use their online service.

If your are not interested in any of these sotware here is the list of best online tools to compress your images


ShrinkMe is the lightest, fastest, and best online image compressor in comparison to others, there are no ads, no hidden charges, no premium service, it is totally free.

Compressor: is another free tool to compress images, it has the features to Choose between Lossy or Lossless compression to get the best balance between image quality and file size.


Compress-or-Die is the most advanced online compressor, it also offers to compress the Gif files, It is used by the professionals to reduce the size of images used for their online work

TinyJPG and TinyPNG

TinyJpg and TinyPNG Smart PNG and JPEG compression, It has been vastly used by the majority of the professionals, just because they also provide the WordPress plugin to compress the images. They also offer their CDN service TinfyCDN


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