Here’s how Soros-funded attorneys descend America into chaos

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how Soros-funded attorneys descend America into chaos

Leftist billionaire George Soros, one of the most influential people in America today, doesn’t give up his efforts to take down President Trump. To achieve this goal, the biggest Democratic donor is exploiting the US justice system that he has quietly overhauled.

Soros has pumped massive amounts of money into candidates he favors in key district attorney races. According to the Washington Post, the Justice and Public Safety PAC funded by George Soros has dropped nearly $1 million into local races for prosecutors. The billionaire is buying D.A. seats and getting good bang for the buck.

The best example of this is Kamala Harris. A decade ago, she was one of those attorneys, whose campaign was funded by Soros. OneWest Bank, owned by Mnuchin and Soros at the time,donated $6,500 to Harris’ 2011 election for California attorney general. She won. In 2013, when California prosecutors claimed to have discovered over 1,000 foreclosure law violations, AttorneyGeneral Kamala Harris failed to file any action against the OneWestBank. Coincidentally, before Harris avoided a criminal investigation that involved donors to her campaign, Soros was pouring money into California criminal policy initiatives that Harris was pushing. He also funded her 2017 Senate campaign. Now, Harris is a Democratic vice presidential nominee.

In 2016, Soros poured more than 3 million dollars into 7 attorneys’ campaigns in 6states. As a result, the Association of Deputy District Attorneys openly accused Soros of attempts to buy the criminal justice system in order to push his political and social justice agenda.

Thus, one of Soros’ henchmen, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, supports the Minnesota Freedom Foundation affiliated with the billionaire. The left-wing fund uses donations to bail out people charged with violent crimes and rioters who continue to terrorize American cities.

In May, 2020, Ellison was appointed to lead the prosecution of any cases arising from George Floyd’s death that sparked violent protests across America. Just weeks after the killing of Floyd, the fundraised an astonishing $35 million, in part because of Harris’ tweet of support.

The campaign of Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul was funded by Soros PAC as well. Coincidentally, Wisconsin become the second epicenter of BLM and Antifa riots, following the police shooting of a Black man, Jacob Blake, in Kenosha. Kaul, by the way, closely cooperates with Mike Graveley, District Attorney in Kenosha. According to sources from WPD, Mike Graveley ordered Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinisto provoke BLM riots. Wisconsin is one of the swing states. That’s way Democrats continue to fuel the flames of rioting by left-wing activists, hoping it would favors their nominee.

BothKaul and Graveley support Freedom, Inc. tied to Soros. In 2019,Kaul’s Justice Department awarded Freedom, Inc. $876,674 in grants. The next year, Freedom, Inc. activists led the riots in Kenosha.

It’s quite terrifying that most of high-profile police shootings that spark BLM protests occur in the states, which law enforcement is bought by Soros. The billionaire-backed prosecutors, who were meant to keep order, are now plunging America into chaos.


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